Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Death By Mess!

In order to be able to move flat, one must organise one's posessions!

The move is scheduled for June 13th...thats now 18 days in counting. By the end of these 18 days I'm hoping that i'll have assembled my possessions in some kind of order.

I began this task 2 days ago....and there is some progress. While the room remains a mess, there are certain "areas" which are now neatly organised. Some stuff has even been packed away in boxes!

So far, I have sorted:
  • Jewelery

  • Cosmetics

  • Hair shiz
  • Most of my books

  • My box of fancy bits; ribbon, lace, buttons, sequins etc

  • Have thrown out my dusty collection of past issues of Vouge

  • My box of random crap which will one day make it into my scrap book

  • Stationary

  • My Irregular Choice shoe collection (all 7 pairs now safely back in thier boxes).

  • My Burlesque box, containing all things burlesque.

So........ there is still some way to go. I may end up holding another one of my indoor jumble sales just to shift some of the stuff i don't need, although I'll probably take most of it to charity shops (someone may aswell benefit from my over spending).

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