Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Current mess situation

Just to make things clear...... I am NOT a tidy person!
My own obsessive shopping habits have gone beyond a joke now. I live in a shared flat, with my own room…this room does not even have a bed in it (the bed is elsewhere). This room is “cluttered” to say the least.
Almost all of this room’s contents have been purchased since moving to Leicester a year and a half ago. This includes clothes, shoes, books, records, record player, foot spa, magazines, and extra clothing rail for my excess of clothes, cushions, decorations, teapots, book shelf, storage systems, fairy lights, light shades, free standing lamp…..need I go on!?

It has reached a critical point now where a) I can no longer afford to live and b) I have nowhere to store all these things. Added on top of this, my messy nature, navigating my way across the floor is becoming increasingly difficult.

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