Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Her china cup is white and thin;
A thousand times her heart has been
Made merry at it’s scalloped brink;
And in the bottom, painted pink,
A dragon greets her with a grin.

The brim her kisses loves to win;
The handle is a manikin,
Who spies the foes that chip or chink
Her china cup.

Muse, tell me if it be a sin:
I watch her lift it past her chin
Up to the scarlet lips and drink
The oolong draught, somehow I think
I’d like to be the dragon in
Her china cup.

By Frank Dempster Sherman

Friday, 7 May 2010

The End is Nigh!

Feb 6th?! Disgracefull! 3 whole shizzless months!

This is just a short one though, in anticipation of a full report coming soon... on the current state of play.. of my LIFE! Lol, as you can see I'm not in all too a serious mood this evening. I'm taking a light break from what is actually the last 9 days of my being a university student :(

Im both SAD and GLAD as I am eagerly anticipating my new normal life free from various student related ailments, and the general assumption that because you are a student, you cannot be taken seriously (in a business sense).

So, wish me luck... because in 9 days, not only am I handing in my final ever academic project, I am also turning the ripe old age of 22 :D