Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Death By Mess!

In order to be able to move flat, one must organise one's posessions!

The move is scheduled for June 13th...thats now 18 days in counting. By the end of these 18 days I'm hoping that i'll have assembled my possessions in some kind of order.

I began this task 2 days ago....and there is some progress. While the room remains a mess, there are certain "areas" which are now neatly organised. Some stuff has even been packed away in boxes!

So far, I have sorted:
  • Jewelery

  • Cosmetics

  • Hair shiz
  • Most of my books

  • My box of fancy bits; ribbon, lace, buttons, sequins etc

  • Have thrown out my dusty collection of past issues of Vouge

  • My box of random crap which will one day make it into my scrap book

  • Stationary

  • My Irregular Choice shoe collection (all 7 pairs now safely back in thier boxes).

  • My Burlesque box, containing all things burlesque.

So........ there is still some way to go. I may end up holding another one of my indoor jumble sales just to shift some of the stuff i don't need, although I'll probably take most of it to charity shops (someone may aswell benefit from my over spending).

Friday, 22 May 2009

The first 5 days of 21.

The Cakes
It is ubelievable the ammount of stuff that has happened in the past week! Thursday morning came and I was stressing about the butter icing not having the right consitency, Andy was doing my nut it & refusing to let me cheat with Betty Crocker and I was about to drop everything to go out for yet another flat viewing.

I got my mother on the blower to consult her about the butter icing, I then proceeded to let out about all the other stresses including an unfinished ball dress, the 60 fairy cakes I still had to make, the general flat hunting issue and the fact that I had lost my purse & bank card which ofcourse wasnt helping matters.

So as u can imigine I wasnt having the best of days. That was until Andy and I actually found the flat of our dreams!! We went in (after viewing a few others), looked around, fell in love with it, said goodbye to the estate agent, then 2 hours later went back and put in an application!

Came home, proceeded to spend 5 hours making 60 fairy cakes plus icing and decorations. All the while keeping our fingers crossed that our application for the flat would be accepted.

The Flat

We soon herd back that the landlord had accepted our application (which surprised us as we are students applying for a non student flat)! We then managed to pass the credit check, and i then got the phone call on Tuesday morning saying that I could pick up the tennancy agreement! We get the keys on June 12th, and I couldn't be more excited!

The flat comprises of a lounge & kitchenette, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (one ensuite)..........and..........a DISHWASHER!!!!

The master bedroom used to be the money room for the building when it used to be a factory and still has all the wooden pannel door fittings for the old safes! The ceilings are about 10ft high and did i mention it has a DISHWASHER!?
It's located in the new Cultural Quarter right next to the Curve Theatre. Snazzy or what!?

The Party
Friday arrived finally and like a headless chicken I continued to rush around, transporting all 60 fairy cakes to our venue (Firebug, Leicester). But I think it's safe to say it was all worth it in the end.

I'm so thankful to everyone who came, everyone made such an effort and looked fab all dressed up!

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Current mess situation

Just to make things clear...... I am NOT a tidy person!
My own obsessive shopping habits have gone beyond a joke now. I live in a shared flat, with my own room…this room does not even have a bed in it (the bed is elsewhere). This room is “cluttered” to say the least.
Almost all of this room’s contents have been purchased since moving to Leicester a year and a half ago. This includes clothes, shoes, books, records, record player, foot spa, magazines, and extra clothing rail for my excess of clothes, cushions, decorations, teapots, book shelf, storage systems, fairy lights, light shades, free standing lamp…..need I go on!?

It has reached a critical point now where a) I can no longer afford to live and b) I have nowhere to store all these things. Added on top of this, my messy nature, navigating my way across the floor is becoming increasingly difficult.

Some Initial Shiz'

I feel after the past 8 weeks of compulsary blogging for uni, I may as well carry on. However unlike my blog specifically focusing on my burlesque documentary...I will actually now be blogging about any random crap I can think of.

So.... my week, to date has been rather hectic. Andy and I finally began house hunting and spent 4 hours walking around Leicester finding places to let, taking photos of them and pining (me mainly) outside some really beautiful and no doubt stupidly expensive properties!

We are savvy though...we watch location, location, location!

On our travels we found this awesomely retro laundrette, it looked so old & empty we thought it was deserted... until we pushed the door open & went inside.

Other than that I've been spending my time planning for the almighty 21st birthday party which, oh my god, is in 2 days!!!! I never thought anything would be so stressful...other than uni work. So I have spent the evening restyling my wig to turn it into a Marie Antoinette do'.

It was originally a blonde Amy Winehouse wig.

It took ALOT of hair spray, talcom powder and kirby grips to acheive the transformation.