Monday, 27 July 2009

My crazy, funny, daring, scary, exhausting, exciting, expensive, hilarious, fantabulous week away.

I've been away from Leicester for a week and it's been the most eventful week I've had in ages!

Myself, Andy and Jeff legged it through town in the heavy rain on Sunday afternoon to catch the 6 o'clock train to Bearsted, Kent Via London. We spent 3 days at Andy's home in Kent and the 2 days In his sister's flat in London.

  • Woke up feeling rotton
  • Took alot of painkillers and decongestants
  • These made me drowsy
  • Went to Cantebury
  • Had cream tea
  • bought some indian ankle bells.

  • Walked through fields of sheep and cows.
  • walked around a beautiful castle
  • Saw a beautiful peacock
  • Went to a few pubs
  • Attempted to eat a whole ramekin of butter for a bet to win £20
  • Gave up 3/4 of the way through and lost the bet
  • Felt rather ill as a result.
  • Ate an amazing caramel doughnut
  • Spent £30 on wool
  • Knitted a whole scarf within a day
  • Watched The Young Victoria
  • Caught the train to London
  • Was told by a train ticket man that "maybe u should, u know, LISTEN!" because I didnt hear a diversion announcement as I had my headphones on. So Rude!
  • Went to ASDA at midnight.
  • Chased around London after an AllSaints dress which was one of the only two left in London.
  • Spent the rest of the day in Camden Lock.
  • Spent too much money
  • Got caught in terrencial downpour TWICE......wearing my new dress.
  • Saw a full rainbow
  • Ate chinese food under an umbrella with Andy.
  • Stayed in making cocktails and watching Romeo & Juliet
  • Met up with Teal, whom I haven't seen for over a year!
  • Got dragged into Benefit for a product demo by some psycho sales assistant
  • Tried not to laugh when Teal told her that she only wears organic make up to avoid having to have it done to her.
  • Tried even harder not to laugh when the woman then persistantly questioned her about this organic make up!
  • Went to Coffee 1001 and was served by the RUDEST waitress ever, who handed me the chip & pin machine which asked me if i wanted cashback, then told me off for pressing the yes button to get £10 cashback.

"we dont DO cashback!"

"but your card machine asked me if i wanted any, that was on the screen when u handed it to me"

"But we dont DO cashback!"

"well you should tell people that before handing them a card reader that says you do"

"No, we don't, Dont ever do it again!"

  • Needless to say they had to give me the cashback anyway.
  • Spent the day coffee shop hopping and browsing the vintage shops with Tealm had a real good catch up.
  • Rushed home to get ready to go to the Proms.
  • Andy and I were almost late for the Proms but a taxi saved us the run!
  • Met up with Jeff after the Proms and we all went to a 50's style diner near carnaby street.
  • Had the most amazing chilli cheese fries!
  • Got on the tube and only managed to get half the way home as we missed the last train on the jubilee line.
  • Ended up hunting down the right night bus, which turned out to be the longest most horrific ride ever! 45 mins on a bus full of drunk irish people and people so asleep they fell off their seats (pretty funny actually).
  • Turned out we missed our stop and were stranded in the middle of a housing estate which looked identical to the one we were meant to be at but had no idea where we were.
  • Finally a taxi drove past and we managed to get all the way home.
  • Went to 3am!
  • Woke up at 8am to get the train back to leicester
  • Sat on the train remenising about all the crazy stuff that had happened!
I will repost this with photos once i get them developed.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

The Owls and the magnificent discovery!

Today there are two things I would like to blog about.

1. The Owls!

I recently purchased some rather fabulous little owls from a certain Miss Sammy Brennan who just happens to be a bit awesome at making stuff! And here they are, all settled into their new home. I figured being wise owls, they'd be perfect at guarding my collection of antique books which I keep on my chest of draws in the bedroom. Also, a new addition to the family is a beautiful brown teddy bear which I received as a 21st birthday gift from my uncle and aunt...with a view to becoming a family heirloom. I named him Cuthbert.



2. The magnificent discovery which Andy and I made yesterday morning, quite out of the blue!

We were busy doing not a lot really, seeing as I don't have an awful lot to do I was having a lazy morning. I'd been lying in bed looking over at the beautiful wood paneling and the mysterious old safe doors. Not sure if I've mentioned this before but Alexandra House was originally a bootlace factory/warehouse back in 1887 when it was first built. And as luck has it, our master bedroom (out of alll the other rooms in the building) was the money room and still to this day has the old safe doors fitted into the wall. However they are pretty much welded shut or something, the estate agent said that no one has ever managed to get into them (which is a shame coz they'd make great storage space).

Ofcourse even though this was the case, it was a great selling point for the flat as Andy and I wanted something comfy and modern but also quirky and unique.

Anyways.... so i was busy thinking how great it would be to be able to open the safes, and said this to Andy. We were just standing there looking at them thinking how it's a shame that we would never be able to open them, when andy started tugging on one of the smaller safe doors. As he tugged we stood there in awe as the door slowly came open. As you can imagine we were pretty stunned that this amazing thing had just happened at 11am on a wednesday morning.

Unfortunately there were no wads of money inside...or anything at all for that a 2p coin dated 1980....and even then theres no telling whether that has actually been in there since 1980 or whether it got put in there since. But still it was pretty awesome.

We've been trying to think what to do with it and have come to the conclusion that it would make a fabulous place for all my boxes of Irregular Choice shoes. A vault full of shoes!!!





Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Jack & the Beansprout

I recently found this video which I made in 2006 whilst doing my Film Studies A level.
The concept for it was a modern day telling (by moi) of the fairytale Jack & the Beanstalk.

A young man named Jack is very poor and his mother is dying. He seeks help from an old witch who sits in the local pub. The witch hands him a small bean telling him he needs to microwave it for 3 mins and all his dreams will come true. He does so and once microwaved the little bean turns into a crunchy beansprout. Jack proceeds to eat the bean sprout which makes him feel oddly dizzy, so he goes for a nap. When he awakes, he finds him self lying under a tree in a forest.

Lost and confused Jack walks for days trying to find his way home. Just as hunger becomes unbearable, he suddenly stumbles into full techincolour cityscape. Having never been to the city, Jack (a country lad) marvels at the wonders of its vibrance. On his journey trhough the city he spies a poster in the window of Tesco "Buy any 2ltr bottle of pop and get a free ring of imortality". Surely this is just what his mother needs!