Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Jack & the Beansprout

I recently found this video which I made in 2006 whilst doing my Film Studies A level.
The concept for it was a modern day telling (by moi) of the fairytale Jack & the Beanstalk.

A young man named Jack is very poor and his mother is dying. He seeks help from an old witch who sits in the local pub. The witch hands him a small bean telling him he needs to microwave it for 3 mins and all his dreams will come true. He does so and once microwaved the little bean turns into a crunchy beansprout. Jack proceeds to eat the bean sprout which makes him feel oddly dizzy, so he goes for a nap. When he awakes, he finds him self lying under a tree in a forest.

Lost and confused Jack walks for days trying to find his way home. Just as hunger becomes unbearable, he suddenly stumbles into full techincolour cityscape. Having never been to the city, Jack (a country lad) marvels at the wonders of its vibrance. On his journey trhough the city he spies a poster in the window of Tesco "Buy any 2ltr bottle of pop and get a free ring of imortality". Surely this is just what his mother needs!

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