Monday, 27 July 2009

My crazy, funny, daring, scary, exhausting, exciting, expensive, hilarious, fantabulous week away.

I've been away from Leicester for a week and it's been the most eventful week I've had in ages!

Myself, Andy and Jeff legged it through town in the heavy rain on Sunday afternoon to catch the 6 o'clock train to Bearsted, Kent Via London. We spent 3 days at Andy's home in Kent and the 2 days In his sister's flat in London.

  • Woke up feeling rotton
  • Took alot of painkillers and decongestants
  • These made me drowsy
  • Went to Cantebury
  • Had cream tea
  • bought some indian ankle bells.

  • Walked through fields of sheep and cows.
  • walked around a beautiful castle
  • Saw a beautiful peacock
  • Went to a few pubs
  • Attempted to eat a whole ramekin of butter for a bet to win £20
  • Gave up 3/4 of the way through and lost the bet
  • Felt rather ill as a result.
  • Ate an amazing caramel doughnut
  • Spent £30 on wool
  • Knitted a whole scarf within a day
  • Watched The Young Victoria
  • Caught the train to London
  • Was told by a train ticket man that "maybe u should, u know, LISTEN!" because I didnt hear a diversion announcement as I had my headphones on. So Rude!
  • Went to ASDA at midnight.
  • Chased around London after an AllSaints dress which was one of the only two left in London.
  • Spent the rest of the day in Camden Lock.
  • Spent too much money
  • Got caught in terrencial downpour TWICE......wearing my new dress.
  • Saw a full rainbow
  • Ate chinese food under an umbrella with Andy.
  • Stayed in making cocktails and watching Romeo & Juliet
  • Met up with Teal, whom I haven't seen for over a year!
  • Got dragged into Benefit for a product demo by some psycho sales assistant
  • Tried not to laugh when Teal told her that she only wears organic make up to avoid having to have it done to her.
  • Tried even harder not to laugh when the woman then persistantly questioned her about this organic make up!
  • Went to Coffee 1001 and was served by the RUDEST waitress ever, who handed me the chip & pin machine which asked me if i wanted cashback, then told me off for pressing the yes button to get £10 cashback.

"we dont DO cashback!"

"but your card machine asked me if i wanted any, that was on the screen when u handed it to me"

"But we dont DO cashback!"

"well you should tell people that before handing them a card reader that says you do"

"No, we don't, Dont ever do it again!"

  • Needless to say they had to give me the cashback anyway.
  • Spent the day coffee shop hopping and browsing the vintage shops with Tealm had a real good catch up.
  • Rushed home to get ready to go to the Proms.
  • Andy and I were almost late for the Proms but a taxi saved us the run!
  • Met up with Jeff after the Proms and we all went to a 50's style diner near carnaby street.
  • Had the most amazing chilli cheese fries!
  • Got on the tube and only managed to get half the way home as we missed the last train on the jubilee line.
  • Ended up hunting down the right night bus, which turned out to be the longest most horrific ride ever! 45 mins on a bus full of drunk irish people and people so asleep they fell off their seats (pretty funny actually).
  • Turned out we missed our stop and were stranded in the middle of a housing estate which looked identical to the one we were meant to be at but had no idea where we were.
  • Finally a taxi drove past and we managed to get all the way home.
  • Went to 3am!
  • Woke up at 8am to get the train back to leicester
  • Sat on the train remenising about all the crazy stuff that had happened!
I will repost this with photos once i get them developed.

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