Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Some Initial Shiz'

I feel after the past 8 weeks of compulsary blogging for uni, I may as well carry on. However unlike my blog specifically focusing on my burlesque documentary...I will actually now be blogging about any random crap I can think of.

So.... my week, to date has been rather hectic. Andy and I finally began house hunting and spent 4 hours walking around Leicester finding places to let, taking photos of them and pining (me mainly) outside some really beautiful and no doubt stupidly expensive properties!

We are savvy though...we watch location, location, location!

On our travels we found this awesomely retro laundrette, it looked so old & empty we thought it was deserted... until we pushed the door open & went inside.

Other than that I've been spending my time planning for the almighty 21st birthday party which, oh my god, is in 2 days!!!! I never thought anything would be so stressful...other than uni work. So I have spent the evening restyling my wig to turn it into a Marie Antoinette do'.

It was originally a blonde Amy Winehouse wig.

It took ALOT of hair spray, talcom powder and kirby grips to acheive the transformation.


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