Friday, 4 December 2009

Burnt out!

It's half 3 on a friday afternoon, I am in my lounge, on my couch (my usual location), still in my pjamas (though you can't even call them that, it's really a pair of yoga pants and one of andy's jumpers) and so far I have achieved nothing more with my day than a phone call with my mother & sister. This has been going on far too long! Andy, who is hungover today, has left the flat TWICE - once to go to the sorting office and once to go down to campus (where I presume he is now).

This must be the third day running where I have wasted so many hours either sleeping into the early afternoon or sitting on my couch (in the SAME spot every day), procrastinating on my laptop! The situation has become so sever that the is indeed a dip in my couch... what one might call a "bum imprint"! In fact... I do both... firstly I sleep into the early afternoon... get out of bed and come and park myself on the couch for a few hours.

Maybe it's the SAD, maybe it's the guilt of not doing enough uni work, maybe it's because I know that I have run out of money and can't even do the christmas shopping. It's starting to get dark outside (it is now 3:40pm) so I'm going to blame the SAD for keeping me here. I seem to be ok as long as I am comfy, warm and un-distressed here on my couch, basking in the light of my 60 watt lightbulbs. The other problem is exactly this  - lightbulbs.

About 4 days ago I woke up, stumbled into the en suite, flicked the light switch and BANG! I blew up the lightbulb.. quite litterally, the bulb smashed within the frosted glass port hole like light fitting. Along with the en suite light I somehow had managed to blow the fuse which means that now the bedroom lights and the study lights also do not work! Not ideal for someone who works like a solar panel - only  capable of functioning where there is a certain amount of light. So I have since been avoiding the study for fear of is gloomy darkness (it's also the coldest room in the flat) and also the bedroom, which Is not in the tidiest of states. I WANT to tidy I WANT it to be tidy, and I would go in there and sort it out if only there were a bit more light than the free standing lamp (which thank god still works).

This has turned into a far more miserable blog than I had intended :(

It is now 3:50pm and the street lamp outside has just flickered on, the sky is a gloomy pink/purple from what I can see of it, the majority of the view from our lounge window (and bedroom window for that matter) is the side of the Athena, a nice screen of dull brick wall.

Depressing, isn't it.

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