Wednesday, 2 December 2009

MEGA Blog!!!

Have been getting withdrawal symptoms, but just been too busy (for once) to blog!

Went to Dita's book signing in London the the other day. Here is a photo of Sammy, Emma and myself after meeting her... kind of in a state of recovery. Then we have a photo of the moment I met Dita... Dita looking fabulous, me looking like I'm about to collapse with a bout of mild hysteria!

It probably took at least 24 hours for me to recover and return to reality! She was absolutely stunning, more beautiful in reality, just left me speechless. She signed both books for me and liked the wrapping paper I used on the gift I gave her (a copy of my documentary on DVD).

"Aww, it's so pretty"... were her exact words.

So that was a pretty momentous occasion for me, deffinatley up there in the top 10 best moments in my life.

Next up, a pretty funny photoshoot... which HAD been intended for the Burlesque Society had they actually bothered to show up! So in the end it was just Sammy and I posing our arses off.

I have eaten 3, (4?)... 3 of these in a week! The perks of working in the chocolate business - learn what you like... then eat lots of it!

Finally... December 1st! Andy wouldn't let it before, I wouldn't let it happen any later than.... yes.. the tree is UP!!!!

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