Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Something which has been bothering me today...

... what IS geek chic about!? Or... what is with geek chic? Or, what is geek chic? It intrigues me slightly. By all means I  don't dislike it! In fact it has a strange appeal which even I, (rebeller against fashion trends... trust me, I finally bought skinny jeans about 2 years after everybody else!), am growing fond of. But the main question I think it poses is this:

Is it glamourising the look of "geek" or is it taking the piss out of it?

I mean, to be honest, most girls you see embracing the "geek chic" trend are really not all that bad looking are they? Glam girls, beautiful, pretty and generally with pretty good skin... all donning the think rimmed glasses and sweater vests. That's not to say you can't be a geek and be attractive too... by a long way (please don't think I would be insinuating that!).

But if you were to see what one may class as a "genuine geek", you wouldn't be rushing over to them with the intention of enquiring about where one could purchase a pair of those ever so sexy loafers!

It's almost as if....
it's ok to dress like a geek if you aren't one, but if you are one... you are still classified a geek. And that is different from "geek chic".

And really, do you actually need glasses?

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